From the bioRxiv: A Selection of Recently Posted Papers from SCGB Investigators and Others

Each month, SCGB scans the bioRxiv for interesting papers from the SCGB community and beyond.

A neural correlate of image memorability

Andrew Jaegle, Vahid Mehrpour, Yalda Mohsenzadeh, Travis Meyer, Aude Oliva, Nicole C Rust

bioRxiv. posted 30 January 2019

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Regular cycling between representations of alternatives in the hippocampus

Kenneth Kay, Jason E Chung, Marielena Sosa, Jonathan S Schor, Mattias P Karlsson, Margaret C Larkin, Daniel F Liu and Loren M Frank

bioRxiv. posted 28 January 2019

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Prefrontal oscillations modulate the propagation of neuronal activity required for working memory

Jason S. Sherfey, Salva Ardid, Earl K. Miller, Michael E. Hasselmo, and Nancy J. Kopell

bioRxiv posted 26 January 2019

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Computational geometric tools for modeling inherent variability in animal behavior

Matthew T. Stamps, Soo H. Go, and Ajay S. Mathuru

bioRxiv posted 26 January 2019

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Can grid cell ensembles represent multiple spaces?

Davide Spalla, Alexis Dubreuil, Sophie Rosay, Remi Monasson, and Alessandro Treves

bioRxiv posted 23 January 2019

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A Spiking Neuron and Population Model based on the Growth Transform Dynamical System

Ahana Gangopadhyay, Darshit Mehta, and Shantanu Chakrabartty

bioRxiv posted 18 January 2019 doi:10.1101/523944

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Optimal decoding of dynamic stimuli encoded by heterogeneous populations of spiking neurons – a closed form approximation

Yuval Harel, Ron Meir, Manfred Opper

arXiv posted 14 Jan 2019

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A Unified Theory of Early Visual Representations from Retina to Cortex through Anatomically Constrained Deep CNNs

Jack Lindsey, Samuel A. Ocko, Surya Ganguli, and Stephane Deny

bioRxiv posted 10 January 2019

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The population dynamics of a canonical cognitive circuit

Rishidev Chaudhuri, Berk Gercek, Biraj Pandey, Adrien Peyrache, Ila Fiete

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Visual novelty, curiosity, and intrinsic reward in machine learning and the brain

Andrew Jaegle, Vahid Mehrpour, Nicole C Rust



Unsupervised learning by a nonlinear network with Hebbian excitatory and anti-Hebbian inhibitory neurons

Sebastian Seung

arXiv posted 30 Dec 2018

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MATRIEX Imaging: Multi-Area Two-photon Real-time In-vivo Explorer

Mengke Yang, Zhengqiao Zhou, Jianxiong Zhang, Tong Li, Jiangheng Guan, Xiang Liao, Bing Leng, Jing Lyu, Junan Yan, Kuan Zhang, Yan Gong, Yuguo Tang, Zhiming Zhu, Zsuzsanna Varga, Arthur Konnerth, Jinsong Gao, Xiaowei Chen, and Hongbo Jia

bioRxiv posted 5 January 2019

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