Flatiron Institute

The mission of the Flatiron Institute is to advance scientific research through computational methods, including data analysis, modeling and simulation.



Center for Computational Astrophysics

The next set of advances in astronomy will require understanding complex multi-scale physics and large astronomical datasets. CCA’s mission is to develop the computational tools needed for these calculations, simulations and analyses. CCA will also hold conferences and meetings and serve as a focal point for computational astronomy around the world.


Center for Computational Biology

CCB’s mission is to develop modeling tools and theory for understanding biological processes and to create computational frameworks that will enable the analysis of the large, complex data sets being generated by new experimental technologies.

Quantum physical modeling image

Center for Computational Quantum Physics

CCQ’s mission is to develop the concepts, theories, algorithms and codes needed to solve the quantum many-body problem and use the solutions to predict the behavior of materials and molecules of scientific and technological interest.

Photo of cables in a server bank

Scientific Computing Core

SCC’s mission is to develop and deploy the computing infrastructure – including new computational and statistical methods and storage and data handling system support — necessary for carrying out the research missions of CCA, CCB and CCQ.