Conference Spotlight: Cosyne 2022

Check out these talks and workshops featuring Simons Collaboration on the Global Brain investigators and fellows.

Main Meeting

For up-to-date schedule information, please check the Cosyne Main Meeting page.

  • Thursday, March 17, 2022plus--large

    Session 1

    6:30 p.m.: Dopamine specifies the structure of spontaneous behavior Robert Datta (invited)

    8 p.m.: Operative Dimensions in High-Dimensional Connectivity of Recurrent Neural Networks Renate Krause, Matthew Cook, Valerio Mante, Giacomo Indiveri

  • Friday, March 18, 2022plus--large

    Session 2

    9 a.m.: From plans to outcomes: Continuous representations of actions in primate prefrontal cortex
    Valerio Mante (invited)

    Session 3

    11:45 a.m.: What can birds and rodents tell us about human speech? Michael Long (invited)

    Session 4

    3:45 p.m.: Isolating the role of synaptic plasticity in hippocampal place codes Mark Plitt, Konstantin Kaganovsky, Jun Ding, Thomas Sudhof, Lisa Giocomo

    Session 5

    Time TBD? A transcriptomic axis predicts state modulation of cortical interneurons Stephane Bugeon, Joshua Duffield, Mario Dipoppa, Anne Ritoux, Isabelle Prankerd, Dimitris Nicoloutsopoulos, David Orme, Maxwell Shinn, Han Peng, Hamish Forrest, Aiste Viduolyte, Charu Bai Reddy, Yoh Isogai, Matteo Carandini, Kenneth D. Harris

  • Saturday, March 19, 2022plus--large

    Session 6

    9 a.m.: Coordinated spike coding Christian Machens (invited)

    10 a.m.: Direct measurement of whole-brain functional connectivity in C. elegans Francesco Randi, Anuj Sharma, Sophie Dvali, Andrew M Leifer

    Session 7

    11:45 a.m.: Optogenetic mapping of circuit connectivity in the motor cortex during goal-directed behavior Arseny Finkelstein, Kayvon Daie, Ran Darshan, Karel Svoboda

    12:15 p.m.: Dynamic causal communication channels between neocortical areas Mitra Javadzadeh, Joaquin Rapela, Maneesh Sahani, Sonja B Hofer

  • Sunday, March 20, 2022plus--large

    Session 11

    12:15 p.m.: Deep neural network modeling of a visually-guided social behavior Benjamin Cowley, Adam Calhoun, Nivedita Rangarajan, Jonathan Pillow, Mala Murthy

    Session 12

    3 p.m.: The synaptic origins and functional role of diverse cortical responses during behavior Jack Toth, Michele Insanally, Robert Froemke, Badr Albanna, Brian DePasquale, Saba Fadaei, Trisha Gupta, Kanaka Rajan


For up-to-date schedule information, please check the Cosyne Workshops page.

  • Monday, March 21, 2022plus--large

    Evolution of memory representations and engrams across time and experience (Day 1)
    Organizers: Yaniv Ziv, Denise Cai
    Speakers:, Elizabeth Buffalo, Stefano Fusi

    Why is everything everywhere (Day 1)?
    Organizers: Evan Schaffer, Sue Ann Koay, Philip Coen, Florencia Iacaruso
    Speakers: Dora Angelaki

    Brain-Score and beyond: confronting brain-like ANNs with neuroscientific data (Day 1)
    Organizers: Martin Schrimpf, Tiago Marques, Joel Zylberberg, Kohitij Kar
    Speakers: Kanaka Rajan

    Illuminating neural computation through perturbations and adaptive experimental designs (Day 1)
    Organizers: Daniel O’Shea, Lea Duncker, Anne Draelos, John Pearson Dylan Calame
    Speakers: Agostina Palmigiano, Joe Paton, Valerio Mante, Shaul Druckman

    Mechanisms, functions, and methods for diversity of neuronal and network timescales
    Organizers: Richard Gao, Roxana Zeraati
    Speakers: Lucas Pinto

    Linking phenomena across levels of analysis: The need for a new multi-level reverse-engineering toolkit
    Organizers: Ilker Yildirim, Máté Lengyel
    Speakers: Xaq Pitkow, Dora Angelaki

  • Tuesday March 22, 2022plus--large

    Why is everything everywhere (Day 2)?
    Organizers: Evan Schaffer, Sue Ann Koay, Philip Coen, Florencia Iacaruso
    Speakers: Adrienne Fairhall, Mala Murthy, Andrew Leifer, Misha Ahrens, Evan Schaffer

    Brain-Score and beyond: confronting brain-like ANNs with neuroscientific data (Day 2)
    Organizers: Martin Schrimpf, Tiago Marques, Joel Zylberberg, Kohitij Kar
    Speakers:Anthony Movshon, Eero Simoncelli, Daniel Yamins

    The what, how and when of learning: How do artificial and biological agents approach the problem of learning, and how can approaches from one inform the other? (Day 2)
    Organizers: Javier Masís, Athena Akrami, Keno Juechems, Tom Ringstrom Javier Masís
    Speakers:Kanaka Rajan

    Geometry is all you need? The importance of representational geometry across brain areas and cognitive processes
    Organizers: Ramon Nogueira, Valeria Fascianelli, Lorenzo Posani, Mario Dipoppa
    Speakers: Stefano Fusi

    Understanding Variability in Neural Computations and Behaviors
    Organizers: Alex Williams, Adam Calhoun
    Speakers: Jonathon Pillow

    Emerging roles of co-release of neuromodulators in brain function
    Organizers: Srikanth Ramaswamy, Arvind Kumar
    Speakers: Bernardo Sabatini